Neutrogena Panel on Sunscreen with Nicole Kidman


This event coverage video was made to be shared on Instagram stories. We filmed this event with the intention of creating a vertical video.


neutrogena_v3.1_052019 (1)


Having a known brand and celebrity attached to a video can do wonders for its virality and shareability and we shot this video with the intent of sharing on Instagram stories. Framing each shot to fit that platform is important to deliver a video that satisfies our client's needs. 

ASL has the ability to retrofit videos to fit the vertical video format but part of being a good producer is being mindful of your clients' delivery needs before you go in to a video shoot. For vertical video, this means center framing your shots and understanding the area within your frame is smaller than usual. 

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Vertical Video for Social Media



Agencies often hire us to produce videos for social media. This reel has examples of videos we've produced in the vertical video format.





Agencies that partner with us to produce their videos including, Weber Shandwick, Attention Global, Burn and Broad and Whosay, usually want their videos formatted for multiple platforms. This means we have to frame our shots for "normal" 16x9 framing and for vertical video, which is 9x16.

Our skilled producers and operators take this into consideration when creating their storyboards and shot lists.  Filming in resolutions of 4K or higher and leaving shots a little bit wider and center framed can give the video latitude in post for every digital platform's needs. We capture as much as possible within the vertical video format while filling out the frames for our 16x9 videos.